Dragon Tower
Dragon Tower - Autron VR Melbourne's first VR Escape Rooms

The Story


The ultimate battle of fire & Ice


In this Escape Room challenge, you and your fellow players are captives of an evil alchemist in a castle fortress.

Your challenge is to outsmart the guards and escape from the castle prison, then find your way to the laboratory and decipher the recipe for a secret potion, before finally facing the ultimate test of fire and ice on the Dragon Bridge.


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Dragon Tower





Autron VR was born out of a passion for gaming and technology. We aren’t tied to one particular developer or game provider, so the team at Autron VR are able to custom-build each game from the best technology available around the world.

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Less Nausea & Vertigo

Better image resolution and motion tracking means far less chance of having any nausea or dizziness you may have felt with other VR games.

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Multiplayer Teamwork

Usually it just takes one clever person in the group to solve most escape rooms. Not at Autron VR. Our escape rooms need everyone’s input.

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Accurate Aim & Movement

A big gripe for VR gamers is the poor aim accuracy. Our technology means that your avatar will be as accurate as you are.

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Better Game Variety

Not everyone wants a point and shoot game, so at Autron VR we offer a wide range of VR experiences, escape rooms and combat games.

Dragon Tower

About the game

escape before you meet your fiery fate

Free-Roaming: You’ll be free to move around and interact with your virtual world. You’ll also have full use of your hands.

Game Difficulty: This is a tough escape room to crack and you’ll need creativity and lateral thinking to meet each challenge.

Team Building: Each challenge requires the input and cooperation of every player. It’s a test of leadership and teamwork.

Multi-Stage: Three levels in three different environments. You’ll need to meet the challenge at each level before moving onto the next.

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Inside the tower's alchemy lab
View of the village
Escape the cage on the tower's rooftop


“I've tried VR before and it made me really dizzy, so I was a bit worried about trying the escape room, but it was amazing and I didn't feel dizzy or anything. I laughed so much. Will definitely do it again."
Taylor, 26
“Osiris was really challenging. I usually smash escape rooms, but that was really tricky. The feeling of being underwater is awesome."
NIc, 32
“I played with my kids and we had so much fun. When I play computer games at home they beat me all the time, but in a VR game, everyone's equal and I fell like I've got a fair chance."
Blake, 53