Last 4 Standing

The Story

A Zombie battle like no other

An experiment gone wrong? A deliberate viral attack? All we know is that the world is depending on you and your team, the last four standing, to shut down the area and destroy the infected.

You will receive guidance from Mission Control and series of special weapons, but be warned, these are not your usual zombie creatures and the virus may have crosses to other species.

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Autron VR was born out of a passion for gaming and technology engineering. We aren’t tied to one particular developer or game provider, so at team Autron VR we can custom-build each game from the best technology available around the world.

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Less Nausea & Vertigo

Better image resolution and motion tracking means far less chance of having any nausea or dizziness you may have felt with other VR games.

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Multiplayer Teamwork

Our Player vs Environment combat games need everyone to work together in a coorinated effort to defeat the enemy.

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Accurate Aim & Movement

One of the biggest gripes for VR gamers is the poor aim accuracy. Our technology means that your avatar will be as accurate as you are.

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Better Game Variety

Not everyone wants a point and shoot game, so at Autron VR we offer a wide range of VR experiences, escape rooms and combat games.

Last 4 Standing

About the game


The zombies might be virtual, but your heart rate will be real


Free-Roaming: You’ll be free to move around and interact with your virtual world and your fellow players. You’ll also have full use of your hands.

Game Difficulty: This combat game requires commitment and stamina. The enemy is relentless and full of surprises.

Team Building: Like real-life combat situations, this is a test of leadership and teamwork. Squads with a line of command and structure will do the best.

Multi-Stage: The action takes place in two different environments with a wide range of enemy targets.


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View of the warehouse from an upper level
Robotic helper
Horde and mini-boss attack


“I've tried VR before and it made me really dizzy, so I was a bit worried about trying the escape room, but it was amazing and I didn't feel dizzy or anything. I laughed so much. Will definitely do it again."
Taylor, 26
“Osiris was really challenging. I usually smash escape rooms, but that was really tricky. The feeling of being underwater is awesome."
NIc, 32
“I played with my kids and we had so much fun. When I play computer games at home they beat me all the time, but in a VR game, everyone's equal and I fell like I've got a fair chance."
Blake, 53