Last 4 Standing



Last 4 Standing


PVE Games – Player VS Environment – involve you and your fellow players working together against an oposition or enemy. In Last 4 Standing your squad is beeing sent in to neautralize a zombie outbreak.

PVP Games – Player VS Player – pits player against player as individuals or in teams of 2 against 2, or 3 against 1. In Cybercraft (coming soon) you can pick your avatar and special weapons to bring into battle.


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“I've tried VR before and it made me really dizzy, so I was a bit worried about trying the escape room, but it was amazing and I didn't feel dizzy or anything. I laughed so much. Will definitely do it again."
Taylor, 26
“Osiris was really challenging. I usually smash escape rooms, but that was really tricky. The feeling of being underwater is awesome."
NIc, 32
“I played with my kids and we had so much fun. When I play computer games at home they beat me all the time, but in a VR game, everyone's equal and I fell like I've got a fair chance."
Blake, 53